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Zerothwave Productions is a sound engineering and software development company focusing on the future presentation of the electronic music industry. "Intelligent" music is the next evolutionary phase of digitally engineered sound waves. It is only logical that operable machine instructions eventually make their way into the very encoding format of music itself. This will most likely be a new hybridization of the pulse-code modulation (PCM) standard encoding for .wav digital sound files. Zerothwave Productions aims to envision, construct, standardize, and establish a workable architecture for what can be described as "the final sound transmogrification into the Zeroth Wave".

Recent Music

H-Wave Late Rave Vol. 045 (Low Quality Preview)

Released: Jan 1, 2018


Perseverance Is Key

Jun 25, 2017 01:19 a.m. EST

Sometimes it seems like every time we turn around there is a new obstacle trying to hold us back. Many of the goals set by us are being made, yet almost always later than we would like. Things always come up. Life happens. The unexpected happens. But we will not quit. It must first become dark for it to become light; there first must be a sunset in order to have a beautiful sunrise.

One of those such goals was to incorporate nice 4K videos into this website and it still has to be done. It has been slow in coming but they will appear here on Zerothwave.com sometime this year.

We also intend to release at least one EP by H-Wave hopefully by the end of the summer, but certainly by the end of 2017. Despite very high production costs, we are making this a priority over much else.

The good news is that even though we are behind schedule on many things relating to production, we are keeping up with updates on the website. H-Wave continues to release H-Wave Late Raves every week or 2 and that remains constant. When a video and an hour mix is released we always update Zerothwave.com immediately. So at least we are still bringing you, the listener, great content at a steady pace.

Looking forward, we will continue our efforts in optimizing the website. We have included a few new sections and plan to eventually allow multiple instances of the music player very soon. Regardless of any and all setbacks, we will do our best to make your listening experience as enjoyable as possible.

Thanks for your support and thanks for listening!

Zerothwave Productions