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8K Resolutions on the Horizon

Jan 20, 2017 02:55 a.m. EST

We currently render 120fps 1280px by 720px 48000 Hz 16-bit .wav sound-activated visualizer videos (.avi) on a 1080p monitor. We are looking to increase the native resolution during rendering. Believe it or not, this 8K Dell monitor is STILL not good enough for what we intend to do in the near future. We thought we would increase the size to 1080p and in order to do so we would need a 1440p monitor. To render 1440p visualizer videos we would need a 2160p (4K) monitor. To render 4096px by 2160px (4K) visualizer videos we would need a 5120px by 2880px (5K) monitor, which is about where it is likely to be the most advanced visualizer video graphics available on the planet for an hour-long (trapstep) DJ mix. But we don't want to stop there. We want at least 7680px by 4620px (8K) visualizer videos. HOWEVER, in order to do this we would need still a larger-sized monitor than even an 8K native resolution screen-size.

It is unlikely that there will be available monitors for most consumers to properly display 8K native resolution visualizer videos for several years, and currently 4K monitors are used by only a small percentage of consumers. We hope this changes soon as we are well into 2017 and technology is still becoming faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

In consequence, we have decided that we will re-render all visualizer videos currently available through the Zerothwave website at the "standard" Full High-Definition of 1920px by 1080px, including never-before-seen 1080p HD visualizer videos for H-Wave Late Raves Volumes 001-020. HWLR's 001-010 were recorded at varying lenghts and 011-020 were recorded at 60 minutes or slightly over. HWLR Volumes 021-030 (028-030 forthcoming) will also be re-rendered at 16:9 1080p 48000 Hz 16-bit stereo .wav and 120fps. These were recorded at precisely 60 minutes (3600s) and each new audio mix will continue to be exactly one hour in length.

As of the date of this article, Vimeo's video hosting platform has been working great with the new website design for our low-quality previews currently located on the Videos page. Providing everything continues to go well with their service, we intend to undertake our graphics-rendering projects and use Vimeo to host our new 1080p High Definition sound-activated visualizer videos. Keep listening! More music and more artists to be added this year!

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