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Zerothwave.com Digitally Remastered

Nov 15, 2016 01:50 a.m. EST

Once again the Zerothwave website has undergone a complete "Digital Remaster". We have an entirely different web layout with a more concise, crisp operation to keep the most important functions as brisk and smart as possible. Further support for more browsers, mobile devices, and display sizes have been built right into the new design. We still have the familiar online streaming player with a couple newly added tracks. In addition, the High Definition visualizer videos are now located right here at the zerothwave.com video page.

Our goal is to provide a complete amalgamation of the best Electronic Music, the highest quality media formats, and the most elegant method of presentation and display, all concatenated into an efficient multiplex of streaming media.

In order to display the videos properly and in a timely manner, they have been re-rendered to lower the upload size. The original videos for H-Wave Late Raves volumes 21-26 were almost 19GB each at only 60 minute, 48000 Hz 16-bit stereo .wav, 120fps, 16:9, 720p! After 10 videos at 720p we intend to begin increasing the resolution and quality. The next 10 will be 1080p (2K), then the 10 after that will be 1440p, the following 10 will be at 2160p (4K), and presumably the rest will be at 4320p (8K) resolution or higher. It is also being considered to re-render all our videos, including the first 20 H-Wave Late Raves, at higher resolutions using more advanced graphics.

We are currently only offering our videos on the Zerothwave.com website in order to keep any and all advertisements from ruining the listening and watching experience. We have had numerous issues with YouTube and do not want their pesky ads anywhere on our videos. Aiming for the absolute highest quality in streaming media is quite the undertaking and we are working on more permanent solutions. As of the date of this article, there are 6 720p HD videos available for streaming. Enjoy!